Special Programs

Open House – During October we have an Open House for all children and their families. This is an event when the children sing a few songs, visit the classroom, meet the teacher and see some of the art and other projects your child has been working on.

Christmas Programs – In December we have a Christmas program for both groups of children, singing special Christmas songs and sharing stories to celebrate this holy season.

Spring Program – In April or May we have a Spring program for the three year old classes, involving lots of music, an art show and a cookie reception.

Graduation – In May we celebrate with our four year old classes by hosting a Graduation program, which includes music, a slide show of the year’s activities and an art show. Your child  receives a diploma from the Noah’s Ark Preschool.

Birthdays – We recognize each child’s birthday with special activities at preschool. Children with summer birthdays are assigned a day during the school year to celebrate as their special day.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Two parent/teacher conferences are scheduled during the year for each child.

School Pictures – A photographer comes to our school during the year. All children are photographed. Purchase is optional.

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